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Mika / Life In Cartoon Motion


Released on Monday, February 5 2007

By Miriam Zendle, Music Reporter
Mika (last name never revealed) is yet another artist to suffer from the label of 'up-and-coming', but the lanky pop almost-star will hopefully live up to his moniker and keep rising to the challenges presented in a world of indie and r'n'b prevalence. Producing high quality, zinging pop tunes at various , his debut album Life In Cartoon Motion shows off Mika's extant repertoire.

1. 'Grace Kelly'
2. 'Lollipop'
3. 'My Interpretation'
4. 'Love Today'
5. 'Relax, Take It Easy'
6. 'Any Other World'
7. 'Billy Brown'
8. 'Big Girl (You Are Beautiful)'
9. 'Stuck In The Middle'
10. 'Happy Ending'
11. 'Over My Shoulder'



上面這位仁兄叫MIKA,HitFM說沒聽過他的歌請搬去火星XD,所以我就去下載了,他的歌真.......真可愛啊XDDDDD聽了就很放鬆的歌(因為感覺是一個阿呆在唱歌,然後可能是因為感覺到有人比自已呆所以反而不知不覺就有一種毫無壓力的feeling)非常愉快很簡單很輕鬆的歌,是任何時候都適合聽的專輯,然後因為節奏很輕快又好聽的關係已經被我拿來當提神歌了XD,前一輪是Linkin Park,不過他們這張專輯的歌我已經每首都會唱了(=很容易睡著),還好MIKA很適時的出現了,大概可以頂個1.2個禮拜吧:P



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