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Norwegian Folk High Schools



The main teaching method is hands-on, to have you learn by doing. By experiencing the very things you are learning about, your knowledge and understanding become greater and more valid. And you are far more likely to remember something after you’ve seen it applied in real life. Classes are conducted in a free and open spirit, progressing through interactions and dialogues between students and teachers.

Our courses
You will choose a major subject when applying to a folk high school.
As a major subject you can choose between:

Arts and Crafts
Bible studies
Computers and IT
Cooking and Baking
Creative Writing
Ideas, culture and society
International studies
Leadership training
Media and Communication
Motors and Engines
Norwegian language and culture
Organic Farming
Rescue, Security and Stand-by duty
Riding and Horse care
Sign language
Social services
Sound engineering and Stage design
Sports and Outdoor life
Theatre, Drama and Revues

These subjects comprise 10 to 20 hours of instruction per week. You will see that some schools specialize in one or a few areas (i.e. music, theatre, sport, outdoor life), while others offer a wide range of subjects. Searching the schools you will find which subjects the schools offer.




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