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28 2010

I have had Ramen!

went to the Breeze Taipei Station today, after have gone to the textile market we decided to eat our dinner at there, then a restaurant we chose is "らあめん花月嵐", it since very popular because I saw so many people waited in front of their restaurant, and there is a flyer said "the TOP of the Japan's Ramen(ラーメン) come on Taiwan!", so why not give it a try?(even I don't remember when my last time had Ramen(ラーメン))

I chose the most popular of their own flavor, and just like everybody said, it's a little salty but basically it's tasty!
this one cost NT$160 (and I also order a 2piece-set Korokke(コロッケ)/NT$100)
I really love Korokke!! I think I can eat only Korokke as my staple food in a whole day, just like bubble milk tea, Korokke recently become to one of my favor! and I just have had an idea that maybe next time I should give another try to make Korokke, again! we'll see!(I love this words! you know.)


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26 2010

another busy week

was told that will face another promotion test in the next week(same with the last time which I failed), but this time maybe easier, because Teacher Thom already told us the questions that he will going to ask in the test, even only 2 of them, but that's not a big problem, the real problem is that do I have enough time to prepare all of the questions? okay, we'll see!

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20 2010

Oliver and James Phelps in Taiwan (not finish yet)

NOV.16 in reception,
you know what? it's very hard to found a place that didn't unsighted, all of the photojournalist's video cameras were set like a wall and just right ahead from us, that's unfair because they can always get more better and clean photos but they won't share it to fans, even on the newspaper what we can saw was only 1 or 2 photos, and most of the photojournalists were not very friendly...... ummmm......okay, forget it, I am really cheerful now and don't want to talk about that part :)))

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19 2010

Weasley twins

feel like almost pass through +_+
will report it after tomorrow, just only a little bit wait I promise!
now! time to lay down.

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12 2010

Teacher Thom's English class

okay, I think I've been changing the impression of British because teacher Thom is a really funny person! and I think he likes me!(as a student) but I found one thing that to control the GSOH(good sense of humor) of normal person is a little difficult to me, I mean I have been live like an otaku almost 10 years, I don't say that I am good at making people laugh but I do know how to make people(which is one of us) feel funny, but normal person.....apparently they don't watch too many animations and comics, and sure they don't really like(or they don't exactly know) BL or cosplay, so what else can I catch? what kind of thing make normal people laugh? only stupid things? embarrassing or awkward things? pop music star and some funny TV-show? ..... well, things become interesting, let's see what I will get in future, to find what makes people laugh!

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daily photo
another my classic work of art(?) by leftovers.

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09 2010

my dear lovely dog

Went to the animal hospital in this afternoon, I brought my dog to saw the doctor because she vomited and had diarrhea since last night, although she is already a 12-years-old dog and I do know that maybe she will not have too much time, but I still hope that she can live to 15 or 16, anyway, even though I already had prepare myself, but can't stop to feel very sad when I think of that maybe one day she will gone, but now, there are still have somethings I can do for her, and I am so blessed that I made the decision to quit my job at this year, that made me had more time can be with her, I really hope she can always happy in her whole life, and no suffer from the sickness, always be a happy dog!

I wish you can understand that I love you, my dear, it's my pleasure to have you in my life, and I believe you will cure and come back to me very soon, I believe.

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daily photo
she stay by my room's door, watched me with her lovely puppy eyes.

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04 2010

part-time job day 1

recently I was also thinking about how to train my physical strength more, then I was consider to pick a part-time job, on the one part I can make some pocket money, and the other part do some jobs maybe can help me to training myself, SO! I went to a job interview and I am very seriously on it, I am not boasting myself, but mostly when I really want to get something and I do did serious works on it, then things always get on the right way that exactly I expect.(great thanks again to the in above)

anyway I got this part-time job, but it also means that I will become very busy in the next days.
I hope I won't lay down my hobbies for job, I must upgrade myself! and fight to it! GO!

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daily photo

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02 2010

New style

except goto sleep what else can do at the midnight? looks like I have a lot of time at this midnight, so I try to change the blog style and frame so that I can update more bigger size photos! but I really hate ccs or css or whatever it call, every time I want to change it, the problems alway come, and made me feel so frustrated! but tonight I beat it again just like I used to (but I think there are probable thousands cells die in my brain)
anyway it's clean now and I really like it.

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01 2010

promotion test

okay, just went back from my English class, today's class had a promotion test and I failed it! Kevin(which is my teacher) said that I always forgot to use past tense in the sentence, aside from this, others are pretty good. but I doubt it, because I still feel that I didn't know enough words to use, and also I think my sentence are boring, there must be many way to express my though, but so far, when I want to say something I still cannot have it in mind in naturally, that's a little depressed but I will keep practice it! I think and I trust it will gets better.

other things from today?
no... I slept almost half day till 5:45pm and what I get up was only because I have English class at 6:30, what a lazy pig I am, don't you think so? well, I am a patient even I am not very patient XD, rest more as you can exactely what we told to the patient to do right? XD

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daily photo
my auntie's house nearby.(in Japan)

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