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30 2010

should be harder

The first E8 lesson.....orz
I can definitely learn more because apparently the level is higher now, but I also realize that I should study more harder from now on, unless I want to be the last of the others...are you kidding me? NO!

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daily photo
photographer: Hayato


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28 2010

【cosplay】CWT day2 - Tsubasa(Subaru) - 3

another Subaru's photo XD
busy to live now so...

BTW I did pass the promotion test, it was a mistake from a stupid guy that got me wrong, thank god!

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17 2010

【cosplay】CWT day2 - Tsubasa(Subaru) - 2

Sorry it's my photo again XD
I think I'm really like this costume!


And I did some edited by Photoimpact 11, lighted up my eyes and made the background more colorful, also lighted down the photo corner, soften my face, a little indistinct on background....

Don't you think I should change my chains? I suddenly feel it seems too slim!!

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16 2010

【cosplay】CWT day2 - Tsubasa(Subaru)



after years and years, I eventually finish this costume!(even I don't have a partner can sit beside me but that's okay!XD) now, all I want is more high quality photos, let's see what I can find for this costume......

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12 2010

frustrate in the air.....

Seems I screw up my promotion test again......my god....it's AGAIN! SHIT!!!!!! NO WAY!!! how could it be?????? I'm really REALLY confuse in it, and also frustrated because it doesn't make any sense, I want to enquire my teacher what's the reason made me fail the test immediately but I have to wait to Thursday, damnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn....><

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05 2010

Just for fun



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03 2010

come on!!!

I have finished another promotion exam last night, proctor by Teacher Thom, on the first exam in E6a class, he chose an easy question for me "Describe a movie you like?" then in the E6b class it was very fortunately he chose a question that I already done some homework before, "How to prepare a dish?", even these two questions seems kinda easy, but I have gotten a little nervous when I was answer the questions......then, so DUMB I am!!! Now I can exactly describe much more then I've just done at that time, even Teacher Thom said "Well done" but honestly I still upset for my expression, and in the end, Teacher Thom didn't tell me do I pass it or not, that made me feel like sitting on a bed of nails......god, please let me pass the promotion test!! please!! I don't want to do the same class again!! that's too fuckin boring!!! Nooooo PLEASE!!

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