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24 2012

Keane, and my momory.

I am thinking about "Do I have another chance to go to England again?" and "If I really want to back again, Do I want to quit this job?"

last night I went to KEANE's Live concent in Taipei, when I heard the songs that I used to listen to in every day when I was in the UK, so many thing suddenly came in to my mind, those memory that I cherished in my heart.

14hrs to Heathrow, but this time I have a job that not too bad, a boyfriend that not too bad, many friends in Taiwan but also many friends in England, I haven't win Mr. Noakes and Adam in chess and no one want to play chess with me in Taiwan(most of them don't know how to play and seems don't want to learn), but I still feel there are lots of thing make me so happy in there, some thing like I can read chinese news paper and watch chinese TV here and the most important things is I knew what they said....some thing like that~

I mean, it is not very easy to make a decision, England or Taiwan.
Franch are lucky, they can easily get to England, just 1 or 2 hours they probably arrival.

well maybe one of the reason that I fancy England so much it because that I can't get there so easy.

but I still remember everything in there and everyone that I have met, even though they probably forgot me.



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