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01 2010

promotion test

okay, just went back from my English class, today's class had a promotion test and I failed it! Kevin(which is my teacher) said that I always forgot to use past tense in the sentence, aside from this, others are pretty good. but I doubt it, because I still feel that I didn't know enough words to use, and also I think my sentence are boring, there must be many way to express my though, but so far, when I want to say something I still cannot have it in mind in naturally, that's a little depressed but I will keep practice it! I think and I trust it will gets better.

other things from today?
no... I slept almost half day till 5:45pm and what I get up was only because I have English class at 6:30, what a lazy pig I am, don't you think so? well, I am a patient even I am not very patient XD, rest more as you can exactely what we told to the patient to do right? XD

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daily photo
my auntie's house nearby.(in Japan)

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