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09 2010

my dear lovely dog

Went to the animal hospital in this afternoon, I brought my dog to saw the doctor because she vomited and had diarrhea since last night, although she is already a 12-years-old dog and I do know that maybe she will not have too much time, but I still hope that she can live to 15 or 16, anyway, even though I already had prepare myself, but can't stop to feel very sad when I think of that maybe one day she will gone, but now, there are still have somethings I can do for her, and I am so blessed that I made the decision to quit my job at this year, that made me had more time can be with her, I really hope she can always happy in her whole life, and no suffer from the sickness, always be a happy dog!

I wish you can understand that I love you, my dear, it's my pleasure to have you in my life, and I believe you will cure and come back to me very soon, I believe.

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daily photo
she stay by my room's door, watched me with her lovely puppy eyes.

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