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12 2010

Teacher Thom's English class

okay, I think I've been changing the impression of British because teacher Thom is a really funny person! and I think he likes me!(as a student) but I found one thing that to control the GSOH(good sense of humor) of normal person is a little difficult to me, I mean I have been live like an otaku almost 10 years, I don't say that I am good at making people laugh but I do know how to make people(which is one of us) feel funny, but normal person.....apparently they don't watch too many animations and comics, and sure they don't really like(or they don't exactly know) BL or cosplay, so what else can I catch? what kind of thing make normal people laugh? only stupid things? embarrassing or awkward things? pop music star and some funny TV-show? ..... well, things become interesting, let's see what I will get in future, to find what makes people laugh!

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daily photo
another my classic work of art(?) by leftovers.

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